Health Plan Fund Pro Forma

FY 2023 Annual Budget

Department Description

The Health Plan Fund was created to provide accounting for transactions of a self-insured insurance plan for City employees, employee dependents, and retirees.

Pro Forma Schedule of Working Capital Position - Combined

  • Fiscal Year 2021-22 beginning Amended Budget is adjusted for actual audited amounts, encumbrances, and Council approved budget amendments.
  • The discrepancy between Total Revenue and Total Expense will be funded with Working Capital Balance.

Click the links below for break down of the respective Working Capital Position Schedule:

Revenues vs Expenses

  • City's Premiums increased due to an 80 percent reduction to employees health premium for participants.
  • Drug Refunds and Rebates increased.
  • Employee Premiums decreased due to Employee Premium Reduction Plan.
  • Retiree premiums increased due to a influx of retirees.

  • Health decreased mainly due to fewer employees electing coverage.

Health Insurance Plan for Current Employees

Current Employee/Retiree Health Premiums
  • Continue to offer choices while making the plans more competitive from a contribution standpoint.
  • Estimated cost, $419K.