Stabilization Fund

FY 2023 Annual Budget

Department Description

This fund will be utilized for one-time programs/expenditures and major capital projects to reduce the use of long-term debt where possible. The funding sources are transfers from the City’s funds using excess fund balance or working capital balance. This fund will also be used to offset any fund balance/working capital deficits below the reserve policy for each fund. Appropriations from this fund will be made at the discretion of City Council during the budget process and fiscal year as needs arise.

Pro Forma Schedule of Fund Balance Position

Revenues vs Expenditures

Stabilization Fund One Time Revenues and Expenses (None for Fiscal Year 2022 or Fiscal Year 2023).

  • There are no transfers budgeted for FY 2023.

Expendituers by Classification

  • There are no expenditures budgeted for FY 2023 and none were budgeted in FY 2022.