High-Level Budget Process Calendar

FY 2023 Annual Budget


  • 2nd - Regular Council Meeting
    • Appoint Chief Financial Officer to perform Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet
    • Officially deliver Proposed Budget to Council
    • Deliver Certified Tax Base Data and Tax Rate Calculation Data to Council
    • Call for Public Hearings on Budget and Tax Rate and Publish Tax Rate

  • 16th - Regular Council Meeting - Budget Work Session (if necessary)
  • 30th - Special Council Meeting
    • 1st Public Hearing on Budget
    • 1st Vote on Budget Ordinance
    • 1st Public Hearing on Tax Rate (Start Date: 7 Days to Adopt Tax Rate Per Texas Tax Code § 26.06 (e))
    • 1st Vote on Tax Rate Ordinance
    • Announce when & where next Tax Rate Vote will take place


  • 6th - Regular Council Meeting
    • Budget Hearing
    • 2nd & 3rd/Final Vote on Budget Ordinance
    • Tax Rate Hearing
    • Ratify Tax Rate
    • 2nd & 3rd/Final Vote on Tax Rate (Texas Tax Code § 26.06 (e)). A meeting to vote on the tax increase may not be held later than the seventh day after the date of the public hearing.


  • 1st - Budget becomes effective