Environmental Services Fund -

Combined Pro Forma Schedule

FY 2023 Annual Budget

Pro Forma Schedule of Working Capital Position

  • Fiscal Year 2021-22 beginning Amended Budget is adjusted for actual audited amounts, encumbrances, and Council approved budget amendments.
  • The discrepancy between Total Revenue and Total Expense will be funded with Working Capital Balance (excess amount over the minimum Working Capital Balance requirement).

Baseline Analysis

Baseline analysis is utilized to identify the starting point. In order to get the baseline budget, the total budget is reduced by one-time funds to get the recurring baseline budget. This allows users to look at the information that is to be considered and analyzed to establish a starting point, which future progress can be assessed or compared.

For baseline analysis, click here.

Revenues vs Expenses

  • Charges for Services are increasing due to increase in extra cart fees.
  • Interest Income is decreasing due to a decrease in interest rates.
  • Miscellaneous is increasing mainly due to an increase in auction sales.

  • In FY 2021, Texas Land Management, the City's composting operator, increased the City's brush/yard waste disposal rate. This translated into an increase of $0.13/ month in Brush & Bulky Fees and $0.12/ month in Yard Waste Fees.
  • For FY 2022, a new commercial waste management contract was negotiated, that translated into a proposed $0.05/month increase to Household Hazardous Waste Collection and a proposed $0.10/month increase to Recycle Collection Services.
  • For FY 2023, Environmental Services is proposing an additional $1.50/cart per month for extra solid waste and recycling carts. Currently that rate is $5.00/cart per month. This addition would take this amount to $6.50/cart per month. The $5.00 rate for extra carts was developed in 2008 and has not been increased to date.