UTA's 2023 Tentative Budget

UTA would like your input on the 2023 Tentative Budget

2023 Tentative Budget Overview

Budget priorities outlined here affect you and your community. We’ve developed our budget using a framework that identified high value organizational initiatives, set overarching budget values, and determined priority considerations for the ranking and selection of new budget initiatives.

UTA’s 2023 Budget and supporting 5-Year plans were developed during a time of economic uncertainty. Year over year increases for fuel and power, goods and services, parts, utilities, construction materials and other costs of providing service are significantly higher than recent experience. Offsetting these negative economic factors, but creating a different and equally difficult challenge, are historically low unemployment levels and a resilient Utah economy. Recruiting and retaining employees in the competitive Utah economy is an essential focus area for current and future public transportation services.

The 2023 budget includes $396.2 million in operating expenses and $318.8 million in capital investment to fund the provision of safe, convenient, and reliable service and key investments in our infrastructure. The budget includes federal, state, and local contributions from our partners.

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Budget Framework

Organizational Initiatives

  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Fleet Strategy
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Capital Development Process Improvement
  • Grant Strategy
  • Training Strategy

Budget Values

  • Reduce Agency Costs
  • Make UTA a More Efficient Organization
  • Improve and Enhance Service Delivery
  • Improve UTA Culture

Priority Considerations

  • Legal and Political Mandates
  • Impact to Partners
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Impact to Other Programs and Services

Budget Highlights

Operating Key Areas

  • Service: OGX bus rapid transit line operations; changes to local service; Saturday service for light rail; UTA On Demand service
  • Operators: Hiring and retention of operators; addresses low operator/supervisor ratios
  • Workforce Innovations Program (WINS): Engage, empower, and resource employees, through a Workforce Innovations Program, to develop and implement initiatives which reduce UTA costs, make UTA a more efficient organization, improve or enhance service delivery, and/or improve UTA culture
  • Audit: Strengthens audit functions and acts on recommendations from 2022 audits to improve accountability and reduce costs
  • Safety & Security: Data governance improvements; strengthens UTA’s technology security; upgrades UTA's video surveillance capabilities to increase safety and security throughout the system
  • Transit Connections: Foster customer and community engagement, through a Transit Connections Program that addresses social issues, provides transit education and transit access training, and funds Transit Ambassadors onboard TRAX trains
  • Transit Oriented Communities: Support Station Area Planning and Transit Oriented Community planning in the region

Capital Key Areas

  • Safety & Reliability: Focus on safety, and security, reliability, and maintaining a state of good repair (SGR) for our revenue vehicles, infrastructure, and support systems
  • Project Completions: New Depot District Facility (2023); new Ogden Express (OGX) line in Ogden (2023)
  • Other Projects: Funds design and construction of the Mid-Valley bus rapid transit line (2023-2025); support local partner’s high priority projects (2023)
  • Technology Needs: Fare collection system replacement; new radio communication system, and critical business system replacements (2023-2027)
  • Facilities Support: Begins to invest in renewal of UTA’s maintenance facilities and study options to relocate UTA’s main headquarters facility

Operating Budget Summary

Operating Budget Summary

The 2023 Tentative Operating Budget is $396.2 million, including almost $329 million for operations and maintenance of the system (83% of total).

Key Uses:

  • Employee Compensation and Benefits
  • Utilities
  • Parts
  • Services
  • Other Operations & Maintenance
  • Fuel & Propulsion Power
pie chart showing 2023 tentative operating budget ($396.2 million)

Capital Budget Summary

Capital Budget Summary

UTA Capital Budget includes revenues from multiple sources such as UTA local funds, lease proceeds, formula funds, grants, state funding, and local partners. The total Capital Budget for 2023 is $318.8 million.

Key Uses:

  • Grant Projects
  • Construction
  • Development
  • State of Good Repair - Infrastructure and Facilities
  • Information Technology
  • Planning
  • Property/Transit Oriented Communities
  • Revenue/Service Vehicles
  • Safety & Security
Table showing project areas in Capital Budget and budget line items for a total of $318.8 million.

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A public hearing was held on Thursday, November 10 at 5:30pm. Prior to the public hearing, UTA held an open house for review and discussion of the 2023 budget from 5-5:30pm.

To review the meeting, please visit the UTA Public Meeting Portal.

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