Annual Budget

Fiscal Year 2019-20

About this Document

Compiled by Finance Department

Budget Team:

Sage Sangiacomo, City Manager

Daniel Buffalo, Finance Director

Daphine Harris, Management Analyst

Mary Horger, Procurement Manager

Candice Rasmason, Financial Services Specialist

Sheri Mannion, Human Resources/Risk Management Director

Shannon Riley, Deputy City Manager

Traci Boyl, Management Analyst

Kristine Lawler, City Clerk

Maya Simerson, Project and Grant Administrator

Photos courtesy of Visit Ukiah and City of Ukiah staff

Table of Contents

Introductory Section

Budget Details

Budget by Fund

Major Funds:

General Fund

Electric Enterprise

Water Enterprise

Wastewater Enterprise

Non-major Funds:


Special Revenues

Internal Service


Ukiah Valley Fire District

Redevelopment Successor Agency

Budget Units (Departments and Divisions)

(10) City Council

(12) City Manager's Office Overview

(121) City Manager

(122) City-Wide Administrative Services

(123) Community Outreach

(125) City Clerk

(126) Economic Development

(128) Emergency Management

(172) Redevelopment Successor Agency

(13) Finance Department Overview

(134) Accounting and Reporting

(132) Budget Management

(133) Utility Billing and Customer Service

(135) Procurement

(139) Information Technology

(14) City Attorney

(15) City Treasurer

(16) Human Resources/Risk Management Overview

(161) Human Resources

(162) Risk Management

(20) Police Department

(21) Fire Department

(22) Community Services Overview

(220) Alex Rorabaugh Recreation Center

(221) Parks

(222) Park Development

(223) Aquatics

(224) Golf

(225) Building Maintenance

(226) Conference Center

(227) Museum

(228) Recreation

(229) Special Services

(23) Community Development Overview

(231) Planning Services

(233) Building Services

(234) Housing Services

(24) Public Works Overview

(241) Fleet and Plant Maintenance

(242) Engineering

(243) Corp Yard

(245) Landfill

(246) Streets

(25) Airport

(26) Electric Utility Department Overview

(261) Electric Distribution

(262) Technical Services

(264) Electric Administration

(27) Water Resources Overview

(271) Water Services

(272) Wastewater Services

(273) Recycled Water Services


Appropriations (Gann) Limit

Budget Appropriations