City Manager Overview

Fiscal Year 2022/23

Mission Statement

To provide an environment that creates trust and confidence in the City of Tucson organization and management systems that facilitates the delivery of the highest quality municipal services to Tucson residents.


The following programs are included in this department:

Staff By Program

*Full Time Equivalent Employee (FTE)

Budget By Program

Department Expenses

Budget By Expense Category

Budget By Funding Source

Significant Changes

The adopted budget for Fiscal Year 2022/23 of $7,903,250 reflects a net increase of $589,750 from the Fiscal Year 2021/22 Adopted Budget. Major changes include the following:

  • Increase in Mayor and Council priorities for the Capital Planning by $122,310
  • Increase in Mayor and Council priorities for Economic Initiatives and Community Safety Programs by *$451,360
  • Increase in Mayor and Council priorities for the Equity Program by **$16,080

*Economic Initiatives Program includes 2 new full-time employees and Community Safety Program includes 4 new full-time employees

**Equity program includes 2 new full-time employees.


The office of the City Manager has experienced growth in terms of personnel and programs in the last two years. The increase in personnel budget is mainly due to the establishment of the Equity Office and other initiatives that support Mayor and Council's initiatives, such as Small Business Support and Development, and the Community Safety Program.


The City Manager’s Office completed the market study to level employees’ wages and salaries to market level. Successfully added positions to support the Mayor and Council priorities such as the Resilient Recovery, Community Safety, and Equity Programs.

Future Objectives

The City Manager’s office will continue to provide excellent leadership to City departments, will strive to make Tucson's community a better place for its residents, and build a brilliant tomorrow.