ARPA Community Partner Grants

Promoting Affordable and Stable Housing

Over four years, $7.30 million in dedicated ARPA grants will assist Tucsonans in connecting to a safe, affordable place to call home. From adaptive reuse of existing hotels and duplexes to rehabilitating manufactured homes, here are the four innovative subcategories that will drive more housing options for those in need:

Housing Cooperative Development Fund

Provides access to trust funds that have been established by city, county or state governments and receive ongoing dedicated sources of public funding. These trust funds support the preservation and production of affordable housing.

Small Scale Senior/Youth Housing

Directed funds to establish transitional housing program(s) for seniors and youth.

Manufactured Housing Rehabilitation/Replacement

Funds to acquire, rehabilitate, and sell manufactured homes to low- to moderate-income families.

Housing Resource Connection Program/Wraparound Services

Offers immediate one-stop support to those in need of affordable housing.