ARPA City-Managed Projects

Community Reinvestment and Recovery * Parks, Arts & Culture

With $47. 55 million invested over four years, this subcategory is the largest investment in City-managed programs. Six target areas will deliver positive impacts to health and safety, ensure climate resiliency, support mental health, promote green space and shade, and provide neighborhood infrastructure.

Neighborhood Streets and Sidewalks

Funds ADA-related improvements and expansions to streets and sidewalks such as curb ramps, detectable warning surfaces, pavement markings and striping, traffic calming features, and streetlights. Improves access to work, play, and education for all.

Implementation of Climate Resilience Strategies

Critical funding that helps to implement and accelerate actions that protect the vulnerable from climate change. Specifically: funding to complete the city’s Climate Action Plan, to increase the urban tree canopy (based on Tree Equity Scores), and to support electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Parks Irrigation Improvements and Conversion to Reclaimed

Investing to expand and install water-efficient systems to keep open spaces green, nurture new desert-adapted trees, conserve tap water, and promote shade. Targets funds for infrastructure for park water stations and sports fields enjoyed by all ages. Helps to restore the failing irrigation system of a local landmark botanical garden with free admittance.

Community Reinvestment

Thrive in the ‘05 Expansion

Thrive in the '05 focuses on transforming the Oracle/Miracle Mile area, zip code 85705. City ARPA funds will fuel resident-driven plans to reduce crime, attract investment, add affordable housing, and create jobs. Funds will also help to launch Action Activities, early implementation projects identified through community engagement.

COVID Related Cleaning Hygiene, and Sanitation

Funding to ensure the City continues to respond to evolving health and safety protocols in parks, recreation centers, and public restrooms. That translates into clean and sanitary water at pools, splashpads, and drinking fountains. Also includes funding for a bio-hazard contractor to remove sharps and disinfect public areas.

Organizational Mental Health Program

These funds expand on the City’s behavioral health initiative launched in 2021. Includes construction on an on-site behavioral health facility and hiring behavioral health navigators and counselors who will be available to City employees free of charge and help them connect to community resources.

Sustainability & Neighborhood Planning (Plan Tucson)

311 Project