Fire Prevention and Life Safety

Fiscal Year 2021/22


Promote public safety and fire prevention to the City of Tucson.


Administer fire codes and standards, conduct regular building and facility inspections of commercial buildings, schools, vacant and neglected structures, group homes, and landfills, and enforce compliance of code violations. Respond to citizen complaints and conduct specialty inspections of tents, fireworks display, open burn permits, and administer the self-inspection program. In accordance with International Fire Code, this program investigates the cause and origin of all fires reported within City jurisdiction. This program proactively engages in fire prevention and life safety by educating the business community, residents, and even our own firefighters with instructional support, materials, and education programs focused on reducing the incidence of injury and death; and provides accurate and timely information to the news media and the community on events and services provided.

Program Budget By Expense Category

Program Budget By Funding Source