American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Accountability & Impacts

Accountability: Tracking & Monitoring Funding

There are specific federal, state, and local restrictions around ARPA grant funds for both community and city-managed projects.

In February 2022, the city began awarding $10.1M in round one of ARPA grant funding to qualifying community partner businesses and nonprofits. Those organizations must direct written program and financial reports at least quarterly to the City of Tucson.

The City of Tucson is required by the U.S. Department of Treasury to submit an annual report that provides accountability regarding use of local ARPA funding. In addition, Mayor and Council receive regular updates on both City-managed projects and community partner projects. Check this webpage for updates.

How-To: Apply for a Community Partner ARPA Grant (2021 workshop PowerPoint)

2021 Interim Annual Report

2022 City of Tucson Annual SLFRF Report

As required by the U.S. Treasury, the City of Tucson must submit and maintain accessible an annual report to provide overview and accountability regarding the disbursement and use of American Rescue Plan Act direct distribution, otherwise known as State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.

Coming Soon: Local ARPA Success Stories

Watch this space for success stories about how local ARPA grants are changing lives!