Business Services Overview

Fiscal Year 2022/23

Mission Statement

To partner with City departments and facilitate the development of a culture that attracts and retains an effective, engaged, and diverse workforce as well as to deliver high quality business services that support customer departments, the City Manager's Office, Elected Officials, and the Tucson community.

*Beginning in Fiscal Year 2021/22 Human Resources has been consolidated into the Business Services Department. Historical year data can be found at Human Resources.


The following programs are included in this department:

Staffing By Program

*Full Time Equivalent Employee (FTE)

Budget By Program

Department Expenses

Budget By Expense Category

Budget By Funding Source

Significant Changes

The adopted budget for Fiscal Year 2022/2023 of $ 58,047,350 reflects an increase of $12,602,930 from the Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Adopted Budget. Major changes include the following:

  • Increase in costs by $7,347,590 due to the continued consolidation of Human Resources Department and Business Services Department
  • Increase in work compensation insurance claim payments and public liability insurance premiums by $2,359,020
  • Decrease in capital outlay of $185,770


Employee safety culture requires “early” identification of trends to aid in reducing overall losses impacting the financial health of the self-insurance fund. With the implementation of Target Zero—Get Home Safe the safety culture is beginning to shift with department stakeholders investing in working safer, attending trainings, and engaging employees in monthly safety meetings and/or scheduled department tailgates. Department Collaboration meetings are proving successful, allowing directors and their management team an opportunity to review and discuss trending, assess goals, and determine future direction.


In FY22, the City stood up a minimum wage and living wage team in the Taxpayer Assistance division of the Business Services Department ensuring that employees living in the city are paid a fair wage. Additionally, BSD was integral to the City's successful efforts in employee vaccinations and the City's response to COVID-19.

Future Objectives

The City of Tucson is leveraging $135 million in funds awarded through the American Rescue Plan Act, ARPA, passed by the Biden Administration in March 2021. Under the guidance of Mayor and Council, the City has developed a strategic plan to distribute, track, and monitor these ARPA funds over four years to help Tucsonans – focusing on community members hardest hit by COVID-19, poverty, and crime.