Due to City closures, this event has been postponed until later in the fall. Stay tuned for more details.

We Are One/Somos Uno


The City of Tucson, in partnership with United Way and Tucson Clean & Beautiful, encourages you to participate in the 2020 #TEAMUPtoCLEANUP


The City of Tucson, along with other community partners, will lead a city-wide clean-up effort. As many COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being phased out, the week-long event is an opportunity to have City employees and the entire community go outside their home to work together to improve the visual appearance of Tucson as we move toward reopening. Everyone in the community, individuals, families as well as groups, can participate as a city-wide team working together to clean up and improve the special place, we call home.

How Do I Participate?

There are three ways to participate, choose what works best for your situation.

  1. Volunteer to clean up a City Worksite
  2. Volunteer to clean up a City neighborhood
  3. Clean up where you are and share

Where Do I Sign-up?

Click on the image below to register for the event.

Clean up sites will be opened for registration in order of priority, based on need, and they will be closed when the are full.

City Worksite Clean-up

The City has identified 67 city worksites, including parks, right of way, and washes, in need of general trash pick-up, weeding, painting, and/or tree trimming. United way is partnering with the City to coordinate volunteers for these sites. Supplies, equipment, and trash pick-up will be provided by the City and Community partners. Registration must be completed 48 hours before the event date/time.

City Neighborhood Clean-up

Working from home, don't feel comfortable in a shared space? No problem, arrange time to clean up your neighborhood park, walking path, right-of-way, or provide service to your neighbors. Limited supplies & equipment, and trash pick-up will be coordinated through community partners by request (request must be received by June 19th). Roll-offs will not be provided. Environmental Services will service every neighborhood that is registered to collect waste after the event.

Clean-up Where You Are

Our community knows no bounds, including those of city limits! If you are not physically in the city, but want to participate, make arrangements to clean-up where you are and share with everyone. Every little bit counts and we encourage you to participate in any way that creates impact and adds value! Supplies and equipment will be provided by volunteer.

Share your participation with #TEAMUPtoCLEANUP


Due to City closures, this event has been postponed until later in the fall. Stay tuned for more details.

Safety First

The combination of COVID-19 and Tucson heat is something to take seriously, please dress appropriately, hydrate, and take all social distance precautions appropriate for your circumstances.

Social Distance

Unless with a group from your household, please follow all social distancing guidelines.

Wear a Facemask

Show your style and bring your own! Or, at the City Worksites, the City will provide one for you.

Wash and Sanitize

Sanitizing supplies will be provided at the City Worksites.


Water will be provided at City Worksites. HYDRATE, before, during and after work outside. Watch out for signs of heat exhaustion and take breaks when you need them.

Apply Sunblock

Apply sunscreen before your come and bring some to reapply if you will be out longer than two hours.

Dress Appropriately

Wear close-toe shoes, and remember the snakes are out and about, boots are recommended for areas where snakes may be.

Wear a hat and work gloves, bring sunglasses.

Together or Apart