City Clerk Overview

Fiscal Year 2022/23

Mission Statement

To enable the public to fully participate in the governmental process, by providing accurate information and services in a professional manner, enabling the public to make informed decisions affecting the quality of their lives.


The following programs are included in this department:

Staffing By Program

*Full Time Equivalent Employee (FTE)

Budget By Program

Department Expenses

Budget By Expense Category

Budget By Funding Source

Significant Changes

The adopted budget for Fiscal Year 2022/23 of $3,123,440 reflects a net increase of $28,700 from the Fiscal Year 2021/22 Adopted Budget. Major changes include the following:

  • Increase in personnel costs including group insurance rates by $255,380
  • Decrease in services and commodities by $1,002,010


City Clerk’s budget has remained relatively flat for the last couple of years. City Clerk’s budget experiences increases in budgeted expenses during years where elections take place.


The City Clerk transitioned to a new Agenda Management and Electronic Content Management Software to provide greater access to official City records.

Future Objectives

The City Clerk will continue to update election policies and procedures to comply with any new provisions.