Housing & Community Development


Fiscal Year 2022/23

Mission Statement

To make Tucson "Home for Everyone".

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Significant Changes

The adopted operating budget for Fiscal Year 2022/23 of $111,994,930 reflects an increase of $9,320,170 from the Fiscal Year 2021/22 Adopted Budget. Changes include:

  • Increase of $1.1 million for Housing First as mandated by Mayor and Council
  • 4% increase in Public Housing Amp funding



Helping Low-Income Tucsonans Remain in their Homes: 50 low-income homeowners received assistance through the City’s CDBG and Lead Hazard Reduction homeowner/owner-occupied rehab programs (33 CDBG).

Promoting Homeownership: 14 low-income households received down payment/home ownership assistance.

Preventing and Responding to Homelessness: 1,302 Tucsonans experiencing homelessness received street outreach, emergency shelter, and/or other services by the Housing First Program team to promote housing stability.

Expanding the Affordable Housing Supply: 366 new units of rental and homeowner affordable housing were constructed with HOME funds (266 City of Tucson, 100 Pima County), and 68 units of affordable rental housing were rehabilitated.

Public Facilities and Infrastructure: 5 public facility and infrastructure projects were completed in the Tucson area including transit, temporary, and permanent housing projects in addition to currently underway and on-going projects which will be reported in subsequent reporting years.

Future Objectives

Housing Development: Leverage recently developed not-for-profit affordable housing arm and recently hired Affordable Housing Manager position to expedite and implement affordable housing strategies outlined in the Housing Affordability Strategy for Tucson. Select developer and plans for three infill development projects on City-owned land. Draft plan for phased acquisition and development of new affordable housing. Initiate development of Milagro on Oracle 63-unit affordable housing property for low-income older adults including eligible persons exiting homelessness

Housing: Achieve 98% vacancy Public Housing rate and 100% HCV utilization rate. Open Waitlist for HCV and Public Housing. Implement document upload functionality for landlord and participant paperwork. Obtain Board of Commissioners approval of Public Housing Repositioning Plan.

Community Development: Commit HOME ARP funding to housing projects: $1.5M to affordable rental, $3.5M for supportive services in non-congregate shelters, $1M for renovation and service expansion of Emerge domestic abuse shelter. Complete three sales of South Park Villa homes. Launch P-CHIP call for projects in Fall 2022

Housing First: Open new City sites to provide shelter and bridge housing. Issue Project Based Voucher RFP for permanent supportive housing project

Strategic Planning and Community Engagement: Engage Thrive in the 05 residents, neighborhood ambassadors, and community partners in implementing 9 Action Activities projects. Launch new “Thrive Zone” effort in area selected by Mayor and Council