Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Engagement

Building a balanced and equitable budget

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Welcome to the budget engagement for the

City of Tucson's Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Cycle!

Find everything you need to know about the City's budget process and budget structure, interactive budget tools to explore the Tentative Budget, and opportunities to engage with the City during budget development. The feedback you provide during the engagement process will help the City and the Mayor and Council inform priorities and align the budget.

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Learn the Budget Basics

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Interactive Budget Tools

The Mayor and Council and City Manager actively manage the City's budget and finances year-round. However, the budget for the next fiscal year is built in the time period between December and June of the current fiscal year. That process begins with the base budget and is finalized with the Mayor and Council's adoption of the budget in June.

The Tentative Budget is the stage of the budget between when the City Manager recommends a budget to the Mayor and Council and final budget adoption. This is the point in the budget process where public hearings are held, and final funding determinations are made.

Explore the Tentative Budget through this interactive tool and submit your budget priorities, too.

Families and individuals, local businesses, arts and entertainment venues, and those experiencing homelessness have all suffered greatly from the effects of COVID-19, while our community has navigated through these difficult times together.

Learn more about the funding the City has received and how that funding has been used in the organization and the community to combat the effects of COVID-19 on our community.

At the May 4 Mayor and Council meeting, the Council discussed and voted on budget priorities informed by the Budget Town Hall community conversations. These priorities represent both the City's ongoing response to the impacts of COVID-19 and strategic investments in the future of our community.

Learn more about those priorities here.

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