ARPA City-Managed Projects

Youth Development

Youth-development funding of $5.90 million promises to improve the quality of life for kids, teens, and caregivers and nurtures the next generation of Tucsonans. Funding in this subcategory also offers no-barrier parks and fitness programs, plus after-school programs for ages 6-17 that are fun, inclusive, and engaging.

Enhanced Recreational Opportunities

Funds expansion of ADA-accessible/barrier-free fitness opportunities for ages 14+ and six new outdoor fitness courts. Funding matches Prop 407 bond money to construct six new playgrounds that are all-inclusive, providing children with special needs with full access. Also dedicates funds for a Recreation Needs Assessment to guide future investments in parks.

Expansion of KIDCO Program

Funds will expand the KIDCO after-school program for ages 6-13, providing safe and reliable child care. The goals are to expand KIDCO to 15-25 school locations within Tucson Unified School District, fund more staff, and increase the number of enrollees. Also, based on diverse teen input, create a new program for ages 13-17 to serve teens who identify as LGBTQ+ and teens from foster programs, low-income families, and those residing within neighborhoods with a history of a higher instance of violence or abuse.

Youth Employment Program City Government

Youth Employment Program City Government funds provide tools and/or resources for workforce development and skill building such as educational program training, creation of job pipelines and closing the skills gap.

Pima County Youth Intern Program