Community Investment and Support

How the City took strategic action to support the community

A Story of Community Partnership...

Group of logos from local organizations around Tucson and Southern Arizona

The City partnered with a number of local nonprofit agencies to get these funds to the community as quickly and efficiently as possible. Together, these agencies deployed grants totaling more than $22 million to more than 10,000 grant recipients. These partners distributed 99.7% of the grant funds authorized by Mayor and Council.

...and Citywide Investment & Support

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The Council allocated $51.6 million in CARES Act funding to our community to provide relief during the pandemic for a wide variety of needs, including financial support for workers and families, nonprofits, small businesses, survivors of domestic violence, artists, and arts organizations, live entertainment venues, childcare, and food support for the elderly and others in need.

Mayor and Council Strategic Plan Allocations

Community Investment and Support

The Mayor and Council allocated funds across eight community priorities:

  • Small Business & Nonprofit Continuity Grants
  • Better Health Outcomes & Community Testing
  • Rent and Utility Assistance
  • Mitigation & Care for Vulnerable Populations
  • Distance Learning and Wi-Fi Access
  • Food Delivery
  • Road Facilities Retrofits for Safe Social Distancing
  • KIDCO and Child Care

While the final numbers are still be tallied, you can the see reports submitted by our community partners below.

Community Partner Grant Administration Over 10,000 Grant Recipients...

...Totaling Nearly $22 Million

Citywide Investment and Support

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