ARPA City-Managed Projects

Promoting Affordable and Stable Housing

Over four years, the City will invest approximately $23.96 million to provide safe and affordable housing options, prioritizing historically underserved communities and those people affected by the pandemic including seniors, youth, and families.

Affordable Housing Programming/Acquisition

The City plans to leverage funds for private and public sector partnerships to acquire and develop affordable housing, including apartment buildings, duplexes, and small-scale homes. Program support helps connect diverse groups to a range of housing options and support services – offering one-on-one service. The funding focus is on implementing the action items in the Housing Affordability Strategy for Tucson.

Hotel/Bridge Housing Operations

This city program funds temporary housing – hotels – to bridge the gap from living in a homeless camp to more permanent housing and support services. Includes the purchase and renovation of the Wildcat Inn, now a temporary home for over 60 residents.

Housing Resource Center at Amphi (Station 8)

Funding to acquire and rehabilitate a facility to create a housing resource center, a support hub for people experiencing homelessness or other housing-related challenges.