Mayor & Council Overview

Fiscal Year 2022/23

Mission Statement

To establish public policy and develop programs as mandated by the Tucson City Chamber, represent community interests, and work with City management to effectively meet the community's current and long-term needs.


The following programs are included in this department:

Staffing By Program

*Full Time Equivalent Employee (FTE)

Budget By Program

Department Expenses

Budget By Expense Category

Budget By Funding Source

Significant Changes

The adopted budget for Fiscal Year 2022/23 of $4,870,130 reflects an increase of $1,137,510 from the Fiscal Year 2021/22 Adopted Budget. Major changes include the following:

  • Increase in personnel by $76,070
  • Increase in services and commodities by $850,000 for special interest projects


The budget for Mayor and Council has remained relatively flat for the past couple of years. Programs and initiatives approved by the Mayor and Council usually have an impact in the designated department’s budget rather than having a direct impact to the Mayor and Council’s budget. Per regular budgetary practice, the budget for each of the Wards remain equal for Fiscal Year 2022/23.


Mayor and Council has completed 25 live sessions in Fiscal Year 2021/22; discussed and addressed a wide range of topics from Covid testing, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, and City Ordinances related to the COVID pandemic, Cares Act funding as well as the receipt of federal funding through the American Rescue Plan for $139.6 million to be expended over two years and the adoption of $2.1 billion City of Tucson budget for the Fiscal Year 2022/23.

Future Objectives

Continue to work on establishing policies that provide economic and equal opportunities for Tucson citizens.