Strategic Plan

5-Year Plan (2020-2025)

Culture Map & Strategic Plan

The Culture Map creates the foundation for Strategic Planning and action and guides the positive transformation of organizational culture by outlining the commitment that leadership makes to it's employees at all levels, in all departments, and in all locations, throughout the organization.

With the Culture Map providing the structure, over one hundred Directors, Deputy Directors, and Administrators from around the organization collaborated to identify the areas the organization should focus on in the immediate and near term future.

Exceptional Customer Service

Meeting customers where they are and creating the best customer experience by working with the customer to add value in the customer's eyes and maximizing impact for the customer.

Focus Area: Community Quality of Life

Long-term, functional based thinking about obligations and goals that does not limit our ability to do great things.

Employee Focused Organization

An organization where employees are happy with their jobs and work environment (satisfied) and where employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work (engaged).

Focus Area: Quality of Work Life

Embracing positive employment related experiences leading to enhanced service delivery for the people of Tucson.

Stable Financial Environment

Responsible allocation of taxpayer dollars and grant/bond funding, resulting in a sustainable and balanced financial plan that provides for growth and equity, manages risks, and creates resilience against external shocks.

Focus Area: Fiscal Responsibility

Does not limit our ability to do great things. Its long-term thinking about obligations gives the ability to withstand potential catastrophic events and is function driven.

Smart Cities - Laboratory Focus

Making bold, data-based decisions that maximize impact and value by exposing uncertainty and questioning assumptions through increased citizen engagement, taking measured risks, and experimentation.

Focus Area: Innovation & Technology

Being unafraid of failure in the pursuit of new and creative ways to more efficiently and effectively deliver city services.

Tell Our Story

In all focus areas, the City will emphasize messaging to employees and customers to communicate the value and impact of the work we do.

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