Town of Yountville Annual Budget

Fiscal Year 2023/2024

Table of Contents

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Town of Yountville is to provide exceptional public services in a fiscally responsible manner to meet and exceed the needs of our residents, visitors, and business community, while maintaining the unique quality and character that is Yountville.

Enterprise Funds

Water Utility Enterprise

Water Funds Summary

  • Water Utilty Enterprise Fund Descriptions
  • Aggregate Water Funds Summary
  • Cost Per Acre Foot Water Purchase History
  • Aggregate Water Expenditure Summary by Category
  • Water Utility Operating Fund Summary
  • Water Utility Operating Revenue by Category

Water Utility Operations & Distributions (61-4505)

Water Utility Purchases & Conservation (61-4507)

Water Utility Capital Improvements Fund (60-4500)

Water Drought Reserve Fund (57-4507)

Water Connection Impact Fee Fund (58)

Wastewater Utility Enterprise

Wastewater Funds Summary

  • Wastewater Utility Enterprise Fund Descriptions
  • Aggregate Wastewater Funds Summary
  • Aggregate Wastewater Expenditure Summary by Category
  • Wastewater Utility Operating Fund Summary
  • Wastewater Utility Operating Revenue

Wastewater Utility Collections System Operations (62-4510)

Wastewater Treatment Operations (62-4515)

Wastewater Treatment Capital Recovery Fund (63-4518)

Wastewater Collections Capital Improvement Fund (64-4519)

Sewer Connection Impact Fee Fund (65)

Custodial Fund

Revenue and Expenditures

Tourist Improvement District Fund 22

Debt Service Funds

Impact Fee Funds

Click here to view information for the following funds:

  • Civic Facilities Impact Fee Fund (41)
  • Drainage 7 Flood Control Impact Fee Fund (42)
  • Parks and Recreation Impact Fee Fund (43)
  • Public Safety Impact Fee Fund (44)
  • Trafic Facilities Impact Fee Fund (45)
  • Utility Undergrounding Impact Fee Fund (46)