Teton County FY2024 Proposed Budget

The Budget Hearing will be held on Monday June 26th, 2023 at 9:30am and the Budget Adoption at 9am on Tuesday June 27th, 2023, in the Board of County Commission Chambers.


On Tuesday, June 27, 2023, the Teton County Commissioners will adopt the final budget for the upcoming fiscal year, ending June 30, 2024. Bringing the budget into balance as always requires making tough decisions related to the complexities in revenue sources and association intergovernmental payments and property tax. Decisions continue to be made to preserve the essential services and core duties of county government, as well as fiscal strength of Teton County, by maintaining healthy operational and capital reserves.

The proposed FY2024 budget represents some changes, with a flat mill levy at 7.379. The changes in county property values have increased per a continued order from the Wyoming Department of Revenue, State Board of Equalization, requiring an effective age study and depreciation adjustment for all commercial properties, and removal of all attributes associated with residential properties, whether improved or vacant. Teton County is the only county in the State that does not assess the full 12 mills allowable by State Statute.

The proposed general fund budget is $77,592,063 which is a 2.6% decrease in budget from FY23. The general fund includes all general county operations such as public health and safety agencies, general county administrative services, elected offices and contracts with local human service and community development organizations. The FY24 budget also includes an expense line for the Property Tax Relief Fund. When Special Revenue Funds (such as Fire/EMS, Housing, Parks & Recreation, Capital, the Library, SPET Funding, and the BUILD Grant fund), the overall County Budget is $200,969,364.

The proposed FY2024 budget is a collaborative effort, with involvement from the Clerk, the Treasurer, the Assessor, other elected officials, the Commissioner's Administrator, and Department Directors. It represents a balanced and sustainable plan for the distribution of available financial resources to cover current and proposed services.

Teton County FY24 Proposed Budget

FY24 Proposed Revenues

FY24 Proposed Expenses

The FY24 Adopted Budget will be posted here after the Board of Commissioners approve the adoption after Tuesday June 27, 2023.