Water Department

Water Department Performance Charts

Miles of Pipe Replaced Total

Under the City’s PIPES (Progressive Infrastructure Planning to Ensure Sustainability) program, the Water Department is committed to invest in Tampa’s tomorrow by taking a proactive approach to renew our infrastructure and create a more resilient and sustainable water system. The Water Department monitors this parameter monthly to meet our annual replacement goal of 20 miles and ensure Tampa has reliable water infrastructure.

Average Call Center Wait Time

The Call Center takes all Utility related calls for questions regarding bills, request for new service, etc.

The average amount of time a caller is waiting on hold is shown in this chart in minutes and seconds.

Average Percentage of Abandoned Calls

Abondoned calls are the number of callers that hang up before they speak with a Customer Service Representative. A customer may decide to hang up instead of continuing to wait.

The Call Center's goal is to have less than 8% of abandoned calls.

Threshold Odor per Month

The Threshold Odor Number (TON) is a measure of the odor of water. The Secondary Maximum Containment Level for TON was established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at 3.0. The City of Tampa monitors this parameter daily and makes adjustments to the treatment process in order for the measured level to be less than the maximum USEPA value.

Average Percent of New Meters Installed

through Previous Month

The time that it takes the operations team to set a new meter/service from the time they receive the request until it is completed . ( Target : 14 business days )

Permitted Capacity

Permitted Capacity is the maximum average amount of water the Water Department is permitted to withdraw from the Hillsborough River on a twelve month basis. Current Withdrawal is the average amount of water the Water Department has withdrawn in the preceding twelve months.