Contract Administration

Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

Department Finance Information



The vision of Contract Administration is to professionally manage the City's capital improvement projects from concept to reality for the maximum benefit of Tampa's citizens. The mission is to produce and develop, in a cost effective manner, outstanding municipal facilities and infrastructure that both meet the requirements of current programs and anticipate future needs.


  • Provide direction, feedback, and support to managers and staff of each departmental division
  • Provide monthly general updates to the administration and user department directors
  • Develop designs and construction drawings that provide functions planned, within established time frames, and for established funding available
  • Provide final bid documents for review prior to bidding
  • Provide timely preparation and processing of contract-related documents and City Council agenda items
  • Ensure presence of proper permits prior to start of construction activities
  • Develop and maintain project tracking matrix
  • Provide effective review and management of contracted construction activities to ensure conformance with the contract documents
  • Provide regular site visits with appropriate field documentation and testing during the course of the construction and at critical points in the work


  • Continued enhancement of the availability of project information to user departments and bidders
  • Execution of the PIPES Program
  • Implementation of the eBuilder Construction Management software
  • Award all projects expeditiously

An image depicting Madison Street Park
An image depicting the newly renovated Sail Pavilion at the Tampa Convention Center

Department Performance Measures

Number of Contractors Submitting at Least One Pay Application

CIP Throughput tracks awarded contracts by Fiscal Year and contracts are usually six months to two years long.

Number of Approved Pay Applications Processed

Each contractor typically submits for payment on a monthly basis.

Sum of Dollars Paid to Contractors

CIP Throughput shows the total amount paid to contractors in a given year.

Average Dollar Amount of Approved Pay Applications

CIP Throughput the average payment amounts to each active contractor.

An image depicting transportation safety improvements
An image depicting Stormwater crews installing box culverts

Operating Budget Analysis

Revenues earned by this General Fund department do not fully fund the department’s operations. General revenues provide the remaining funding.

Personnel Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increases in salaries, pension contributions, healthcare costs, and the addition of four FTEs. Operating Expenses decrease from Revised 2021 due to a reduction in contractual services. In FY2021 additional contractual services funding was provided for construction, engineering, and inspection (CEI) services. With the substantial increase in the number of City capital improvement projects and private development projects, the Contract Administration's construction inspectors could not support the current demand. CEI services for private development includes work executed in the City’s rights-of-way or on property that will be dedicated to the City at completion. In FY2022, the City is reducing contractual servivces expenses and adding four construction inspectors to Contract Administation to perform these CEI services instead. Capital Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 for new vehicles for the four additional construction inspector positions.

Total Budget

An image depicting the basement level piping and pumps of the San Carlos Pump Station
An image depicting construction on the Cypress Street Outfall Project located at North Rome Avenue and West Gray Street

Budgeted Position Counts