Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

Department Finance Information

Department Name: Transportation Division



Transportation’s vision is to deliver the highest quality transportation services to enhance the safety and quality of life within our community. The mission is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient multimodal connectivity within the City of Tampa by optimizing resources, implementing best practices, and leveraging innovative technologies.


Mobility for All – Promote accessibility and mobility by increasing and improving multi-modal transportation choices, and the connectivity across and between modes.

  • All transportation projects will address Vision Zero.
  • All projects will support the context & identity of the neighborhood it serves.
  • All projects will focus on moving people, not just moving cars.

Economic Opportunity – Promote economic vitality by improving reliability and efficiency of the transportation system.

  • Connect people to jobs.
  • Improve and maintain reliability of the transportation system.
  • Preserve and protect the transportation system.
  • Promote economic growth and development, especially in key areas (CRAs, etc.)

Vision – Pursue a vision for strategic long-term benefits in addition to short-term impacts.

  • Improve resiliency of transportation infrastructure.
  • Improve sustainability by increasing system capacity while eliminating and reducing negative impacts.
  • Leverage transportation decision-making to achieve positive community health outcomes.

Transportation Equity – Remove barriers and provide options to people who need it most.

  • Improve transportation in communities of concern.
  • Improve connections across physical barriers and between neighborhoods.
  • All city streets will be accessible for persons with disabilities.

Public Safety – Enhance the safety and security of the transportation system for people of all ages and abilities.

  • Reduce and eliminate all fatal and severe injury crashes.
  • All projects will improve safety and convenience for vulnerable road users (cyclists, pedestrians, micromobility, children, seniors, etc.)
  • All city streets will be operated, maintained and improved as safe and comfortable components of the public realm.


  • Develop multi-modal system via promotion of mass transit initiatives and complete streets program to enhance public safety;
  • Develop a comprehensive resurfacing, rehabilitation, and restoration approach to pavement management to ensure appropriate inclusion of Americans with Disabilities Act sidewalk,
signing, pavement markings, and signalization upgrades;
  • Enhance coordination of special events promoting economic development for the City of Tampa; and Departmental Summaries City of Tampa
  • Continue to optimize our customer service center to improve responsiveness.

Performance Metrics

Below are the performance metrics for the Transportation Division.

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Refurbished Pavement Markings by Month

Pavement markings are refurbished to provide good reflective qualities for night time driving.

Maintain Brick Streets - Square Feet per Month

There are approximately 41 miles of brick streets within the city; along with historical significance, they have many benefits.

Number of Potholes Repaired

Potholes are formed from voids in asphalt roads where deteriorated asphalt has been detached by the elements and vehicle traffic. Moisture seeps into asphalt Right Of Ways and creates these voids which are caused by the contraction and expansion of water. The City of Tampa maintains approximately 1,160 miles of asphalt roadways.

An image depicting Traffic Signs

Replacing Traffic Signs

The City of Tampa maintains over 88,000 traffic control signs of which thousands are replaced or repaired annually, and over 550 signalized intersections within the City limits.

Operating Budget Analysis

Option Gas Tax Revenues are projected to be higher than budget primarily due to COVID -19 recovery. Licenses and Permit Revenues are projected to be higher than budget primarily due to an increase in Scooter Right of Way permit fees.

Personnel Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increases in salaries, pension contributions, and healthcare costs.

Operating Budget

Capital Projects Detail

Transportation's FY2022 capital improvement program budget totals $39.6 million funded through local option gas taxes, transportation impact fees, multi-modal fees, community investment taxes, and utilities services taxes. The Transportation Division's capital improvement program provides for street resurfacing, complete streets and intersection projects,bridge rehabilitation, traffic signals and roadway signage, and various transportation related upgrades and improvements throughout the City.

As part of Mayor Castor’s strategic goals, the Mobility Department has aligned the proposed FY2022 budget with the five key focus areas of the initiative.

1. Focus on establishing premium transit corridors(rail and bus rapid transit) beginning

with the extension and modernization of the Tampa Streetcar.

2. Identify options to integrate the existing trail and greenways system into the

transportation network to provide safe and convenient alternatives to driving a car.

3. Integrate Vision Zero into all projects and programs to eliminate traffic deaths and

serious injuries.

4. Deploy technology solutions to mobility challenges such as smart parking & urban

mobility. Pursue innovation and integrate functions to achieve the City’s mobility goals.

5. Develop and deploy an effective and inclusive approach to community engagement.

The Capital Improvement Program Budget does not include cost allocation.

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Note: "To Date" Budget and Actual Balances on PDF pages are as of preparation of the budget and may not match the "To Date" balances on department pages.

An image depicting Streetcar Extension and Modernization Rendering (Old City Hall)

Capital Improvement Program Budget

An image depicting Cass Street Cycle Track

Total Budget*

*Total budget might vary from the sum of operating and capital budgets by funds appropriated under other departments.

Budgeted Position Counts