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Transportation Performance Charts

Street Resurfacing

There are approximately 1,212 miles of City-owned roadways. Projects are scheduled each year for design and resurfacing in accordance with approved funding levels. Resurfacing roadways enhances safety and the level of service for the traveling public.

Sidewalk Maintenance

There are approximately 851 miles of sidewalk and 2000 miles of curb within the city limits. Repairs are driven mainly by citizen requests. Repair volumes are tied to annual funding with a goal to address each request by the end of the city’s fiscal year. This year’s performance target is 16,800 feet. Along with repairs, the City works with a concrete grinding contractor. Sidewalk joint grinding is a cost effective method of leveling trip hazards and substantially reducing injuries to citizens from trip and fall accidents by grinding down the uneven joints between sidewalk panels. Sidewalk and curb repairs enhance pedestrian safety, mobility and promote healthier communities.

Bike Lanes

The City of Tampa is dedicated to motorist, pedestrian and bicyclist safety. With more than 130 miles of bicycle facilities on Tampa's roadways, we recognize how important it is to share the road in order to ensure everyone's safety.

Households Affected by Stormwater Projects

Stormwater crews perform about $750,000 worth of improvements and repairs to the stormwater management system each year. Work is scheduled by Stormwater Work Areas. This work is in addition to the millions of dollars spent improving and expanding the system through contractors. These crews are responsible for the construction of new storm sewers and the emergency repair of all existing drainage infrastructure within the City limits.