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Arts and Cultural Affairs

The City of Tampa’s Division of Arts and Cultural Affairs plays a key role in telling the story of our city; it also humanizes the built environment and invigorates public spaces. Artwork commissioned through any of the programs under the division may provide an intersection between past, present and future, between disciplines, and between ideas.

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Tunnel Before

Lights on Tampa Before

Tunnel After

Lights on Tampa After

Dollars Spent on Arts by Area

The chart shows the dollar amount invested in each area in the city during fiscal year 2021. Areas include general areas of town (North, South, East, West), CRA district, or city-wide.

Dollars Spent on Arts by City Council District

The chart shows the dollar amount invested in each Council District in the city during fiscal year 2021.

Bridge Before

Bridge Lights on Tampa Before

Bridge After

Bridge Lights on Tampa After

Works in Collection

In 1985, the City of Tampa began its Public Art Program by ordinance. This graph shows a snapshot of the last 20 years of growth of the collection which include Portable Works and Exterior installations. The Photographer Laureate program was launched in 2003, resulting in growing the collection by 60 assets that calendar year. The program continued to vastly grow the collection over the next 10 years

RICH House Before

RICH House Before

RICH House After

RICH House After

Growth of City Art Collection: Acquisition Value vs Appraisal Value

This chart shows the initial acquisition or commission value of a work of art in the collection. The majorty of the works in the collection increased in value after an appraisal was conducted in 2018.

This chart also shows the significant increase of value of the assets in the City of Tampa art collection. In 2018, the City of Tampa conducted an appraisal of the art collection to determine Retail Replacement Valuefor insurance purposes. Market Data Comparison and Cost Approaches were used to reach these conclusions, and the final report follows guidelines of USPAP.

AL Barnes Before

Al Barnes Before

AL Barnes After

Al Barnes After