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Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

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The City owns three municipal golf courses: Babe Zaharias, Rogers Park and Rocky Point. These courses are managed for the City by the Tampa Sports Authority, an independent special district, created by the Florida Legislature in 1965.


The Tampa Sports Authority, (TSA) has a vision to provide economic development and enhance the quality of life through sports and recreation. Since the mid-1970’s, TSA has managed the City’s golf courses with the express mission of enhancing the quality of life in our communities by providing an excellent golfing experience and social venues for all ages at an exceptional value, while embracing the integrity of the game. Based on occasional surveys of rates from several local public courses, TSA continues to offer some of the lowest green fee rates in the region. TSA will focus on the following goals and objectives:

  • Maintain or improve the quality of courses, buildings and equipment
  • Maintain or expand player development programs
  • Hold golf tournaments and leagues
  • Maintain or expand marketing initiatives
  • Maintain or expand programs designed for City of Tampa residents
  • Maintain or expand programs designed for juniors, seniors and veterans
  • Expand player development programs
  • Launch touchless “SmartPlay” point of sale technology
  • Purchase new golf cart fleets at Rocky Point Golf Course and Rogers Park Golf Course
  • Enhance rest areas at Rocky Point Golf Course.

Operating Budget Analysis

The City contracts with the Tampa Sports Authority (TSA) for the management and operation of the City's three golf courses. The TSA reports all financial information related to the golf courses in the TSA annual audited financial report.

Operating Budget

Capital Project Detail

The FY2022 capital improvement budget for the City's three golf courses includes various clubhouse and course improvements including driving range enhancements, golf carts, irrigation system engineering, landscaping, a new roof for Rogers Park clubhouse and continued tree maintenance.

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Capital Improvement Program Budget

Total Budget

Budgeted Position Counts

No Positions are budgeted by the City to the Golf Courses.