Summary of Revenues, Expenses and Fund Balances

Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

Fund Balance Schedules

As part of the preparation of the budget, the City prepares summary schedules of revenues, expenses, and fund balance for each fund.

For instructions on reading the schedules and navigation to each schedule group, please see below.

For a downloadable PDF collection of this year's schedules, please click here

How to Read the Schedules

Schedules are organized into groups based on their fund types (such as Special Revenue, Capital Project, Fiduciary, Enterprise, etc). Similar funds are reported together.

The schedules show balances in account groups defined by the Florida State Uniform Accounting System Manual for Local Governments.

Schedules consist of four columns, from left to right:

  1. The name of the account group,
  2. Actual balances for the prior fiscal year (FY2020)
  3. Projections for the end of the current fiscal year (FY2021), and
  4. Recommended budget for the upcoming fiscal year (FY2022).

The bottom lines of each schedule represent the change to, beginning, and ending fund balance for the reported group of funds.

Funds with greater than 10% change to fund balance will include notes explaining the change.

An image depicting a small example schedule of fund balances for demonstration purposes.

Gross to Net Adjustment

Fund Balance Schedules represent the gross total budget (Expenses and Revenues of $2,154,468,380).

In keeping with the requirement to produce a balanced budget, the following adjustments are applied to both revenue and expenses associated with their qualifying activity. In total, these adjustments translate the gross total budget to the net appropriated budget:

  • Internal Service and Interdepartmental Billing activities - Reduction of ($115,467,751).
  • Transfers between Funds, Appropriated Reserves, and Retained Fund Balances - Reduction of ($236,907,902).
    • Total Reduction: ($352,375,653)