Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

Department Finance Information

DEPARTMENT WEBSITE: https://www.tampa.gov/water


The Water Department will inspire trust by providing premier water service and shaping a stronger, more resilient Tampa. We will deliver high-quality water and provide exceptional customer experiences in a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable manner, with our skilled, diverse, and committed workforce.


  • Build customer and stakeholder satisfaction and trust;
  • Maintain infrastructure stability;
  • Improve operational resiliency;
  • Engage and develop employees;
  • Optimize processes; and
  • Produce water of high quality exceeding all federal and state requirements.


  • Ensure that Tampa's water supply can meet demands during normal and emergency conditions;
  • Increase renewal and replacement of aging and end-of-life pipes, valves, and treatment facilities;
  • Continue to improve customer service by upgrading the Utility Management System, adding a robust online customer portal, implementing advanced metering infrastructure, and enhancing our social media presence;
  • Develop section-level performance measures that support departmental key performance measures and continuous process optimization; and
  • Continued participation in the Partnership for Safe Water, a commitment to our customers to deliver water of such high quality that goes well beyond just meeting regulatory requirements.
An image depicting tanks at the David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility.
An image depicting a Water crew member flushing a fire hydrant for regular maintenance.

Department Performance Measures

PERFORMANCE CHART STORY: https://stories.opengov.com/tampafl/published/DT3U6Up2g

Under the City’s PIPES (Progressive Infrastructure Planning to Ensure Sustainability) program, the Water Department is committed to invest in Tampa’s tomorrow by taking a proactive approach to renew our infrastructure and create a more resilient and sustainable water system. The Water Department monitors this parameter monthly to meet our annual replacement goal of 20 miles and ensure Tampa has reliable water infrastructure.

An image depicting installation of a 36-inch water pipe tee valve
An image depicting installation of a 36-inch water pipe tee valve
An image depicting installation of a 30-inch water jumper tie-in

Operating Budget Analysis

Charges for Services increase from Revised FY2021 is primarily attributable to an 11% rate increase in water consumption rates and monthly base charges. FY2022 is the third year of a 20-year water rate schedule approved by City Council in September 2019.

Personnel Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increases in salaries, pension contributions, healthcare costs, and the addition of six FTEs. Other Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to an increased transfer to the capital construction fund.

Operating Budget

An image depicting the Hillsborough River Dam and Reservoir
An image depicting water treatment equipment at the D.L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility
An image depicting installation of 36-inch pipe at the D.L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility High Service Pump Station

Capital Project Details

In FY2022, Water’s $171.2 million capital improvement program budget is funded by water rate revenues and water system revenue bonds. The department’s capital improvement budget includes projects that provide for replacement of aging water distribution system infrastructure, upgrades and replacements needed at treatment facilities and remote pump stations, other projects that enhance the water system operations by leveraging the use of technology, and proactively provide a sustainable water supply for the region.

This plan includes $68.4 million of capital improvements to the City’s aging water distribution system infrastructure and facilities and includes the valve, hydrant, existing meter and fire line replacement programs, new water meter service installations, and water main replacement projects.

The Water Production Program’s capital budget of $86.4 million includes capital improvements that optimize treatment, improve treated water quality, reduce operating costs, and enhance treatment and operations such as the construction of the high service pump station, chemical system improvements, filter improvements, water department building improvements.

Additionally in FY2022, $13.1 million is being invested within the Other Water Program for projects such as implementation of the advanced metering infrastructure and enterprise work order and asset management system and $0.9 million within the Water Sustainability Program for sustainable water supply-related projects such as Sulphur Springs flow augmentation.

Water is also funding $237,733 in FY2022 for design on the Fleet Maintenance Decentralization - 40th Street project which is reported within the Facility Management Division. Cost Allocation for FY2022 is $2.4 million. The Capital Improvement Program Budget does not include cost allocation in FY2023-FY2026.

An image depicting installation of a water line on Sunset Boulevard
An image depicting Riverside water pipe installation
An image depicting installation of water lines

Capital Improvement Program Budget

Water Department Capital Projects are budgeted under various Water Capital Programs. For a detailed report of funding planned under the Water Capital Program, please click here.

For a PDF Collection of project detail pages, click here.

Note: "To Date" Budget and Actual Balances on PDF pages are as of preparation of the budget and may not match the "To Date" balances on department pages.

Total Budget*

*Total budget might vary from the sum of operating and capital budgets by funds appropriated under other departments.

An image depicting Water Wise 2020 decorative landscaping stone
An image depicting the 2020 Drop Savers poster contest submission by local division 1 winner, Camila S. Vega
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Budgeted Position Counts

An image depicting removal of damaged pipe after water main break
An image depicting installation of new water pipe after water main break