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Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

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Circles Unity, 2021

Artist: Erwin Redl

An image depicting people jogging and walking in the evening under a bridge with colorful lights.  Credit for artwork depicted in image: Biobridge, 2021, artist Andrea Polli.

Department Finance Information



The vision of the Arts & Cultural Affairs Division is to make a positive impact on the lives of the citizens of Tampa.

Its mission is to deliver cultural programs that are equitable, sustainable, and can be scaled as the city grows.


  • Facilitate placemaking through the creation of spaces that are representative of the character and identity of the city of Tampa and its neighborhoods;
  • Oversee the care and conservation of the city’s art and cultural assets for future generations;
  • Provide art engagement opportunities to citizens and visitors alike that are diverse and of high quality; and
  • Provide access to educational content for and about the artworks within the city’s collection.


The Arts & Cultural Affairs Division reaches across city departments to connect spaces and create places that recognize and highlight the identity and unique cultural aspects of our city. In addition to the ordinances of the Public Art Program (Chapter 4) and Public Art in Private Development (Chapter 27 sec. 186 & 201), the Division oversees several other programs including Art on the Block, Tampa’s Wordsmith, Lights on Tampa, and arts-based public-private partnerships that includes, new to 2022, Soul Walk.

The Division is also responsible for the care and maintenance of the city’s public art collection which includes over 700 items valued at over $18 million.

In FY2022, the Division will continue to develop and coordinate arts-based planning for projects that bring public benefit through interdepartmental and interagency coordination on high visibility sites across the city. Soul Walk is a good example of this. Working closely with partners such as the Tampa Housing Authority, Soul Walk will bring communities together to recognize and celebrate the cultural heritage and resiliency of Tampa’s African American history.

FY2022 initiatives include the following:

  • Working with the Florida Department of Transportation to create gateway artwork under I-275 at Hillsborough Ave;
  • Working with the Florida Department of Transportation to create gateway artwork near the Howard Frankland Bridge;
  • The commissioning of artwork for relevant capital improvement projects;
  • Completion of East Tampa Roundabouts;
  • At least two neighborhood Art on the Block projects;
  • To continue creative outreach with Tampa’s Wordsmith;
  • The coordination of maintenance and conservation of city’s public art collection;
  • Revising various policy guidelines;
  • Continuing education and outreach initiatives; and
  • Responding to community requests in a timely fashion.
An image depicting painting of four Police Officers. Credit for artwork depicted in image: Fearless Four, 2021, artist Pep Rally.

Department Performance Measures


Works in Art Collection

In 1985, the City of Tampa began its Public Art Program by ordinance. This graph shows a snapshot of the last 20 years of growth of the collection which include Portable Works and Exterior installations. The Photographer Laureate program was launched in 2003, resulting in growing the collection by 60 assets that calendar year. The program continued to vastly grow the collection over the next 10 years.

Growth of City Art Collection

This chart shows the initial acquisition or commission value of a work of art in the collection. The majority of the works in the collection increased in value after an appraisal was conducted in 2018.

This chart also shows the significant increase of value of the assets in the City of Tampa art collection. In 2018, the City of Tampa conducted an appraisal of the art collection to determine Retail Replacement Value for insurance purposes. Market Data Comparison and Cost Approaches were used to reach these conclusions, and the final report follows guidelines of USPAP.

An image depicting a painting of a circular object on the side of a brick building.  Credit for artwork depicted in image: Reflections, 2020, artist Ya La'Ford.

Operating Budget Analysis

No revenues are earned by this General Fund department. General revenues provide all funding.

Personnel Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increase in salaries, pension contributions, and healthcare costs.

Operating Budget

Capital Project Details

In FY2022, Arts & Cultural Affairs has identified $235,000 for the design of a gateway artwork at the Howard Frankland Bridge and the design of artworks for two Interstate-275 underpasses at Hillsborough Avenue and Osborne Avenue.

Capital Improvement Program Budget

For a PDF collection of detailed Capital Project Reports: Click here.

Note: "To Date" Budget and Actual Balances on PDF pages are as of preparation of the budget and may not match the "To Date" balances on department pages.

Total Budget

Budgeted Position Counts

An image depicting a mural of Al Barnes on a large wall at a park. Credit for artwork depicted in image: Making a Difference, 2019, Tony and Junior Moore.