Neighborhood & Community Affairs

Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

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Department Finance Information

Department Name: Neighborhood and Community Affairs Administrator



The Neighborhood and Community Affairs Department serves as a convenient single point for citizens to access services and focuses on strengthening neighborhoods by actively engaging citizens to build partnerships that improve the quality of life in the City of Tampa’s neighborhoods.


  • Ensure the effective enforcement of codes which address property maintenance standards along with the timely removal of litter, abatements in blighted conditions, illegal dumping, graffiti removal and the appropriate alleyway clean-up;
  • Ensure that all tax classifications and tax assessments/collections comply with State Law and City Code and to actively pursue collections of unpaid prior year business taxes and fees;
  • Maintain community outreach efforts through meetings, e-mails, telephone contacts, special events, and direct contact with neighborhood and community stakeholders;
  • Facilitate the development of new and existing associations along with maintaining various databases and an interactive website (;
  • Facilitate and recruit attendees for the Mayor’s Neighborhood University to assist existing neighborhood leaders as well as to help mentor emerging and future neighborhood leaders on the operations of the City of Tampa;
  • Develop and maintain workforce partnerships on behalf of the Mayor and Executive Administrative Team;
  • Drive the ongoing development of a customer service culture across the organization;
  • Implement integrated customer engagement and communication initiatives to improve and enhance the perceptions and experiences of customers and community partners; and
  • Strategize, commit and enforce efforts that increase diversity, inclusivity and equitability within the organization through the Chief Diversity Officer.


  • Continue to monitor operations and resources of Neighborhood Enhancement to increase the overall efficiency of addressing enforcement of property related code violations and blighted conditions in the neighborhoods;
  • Continue Operation Neighborhood Cleanup thereby enhancing neighborhood blight and beautification efforts;
  • Collect business taxes as authorized by Florida State Law, monitor rental certificate registry program, and foreclosed properties and issue business operating permits to pain management clinics;
  • Continue to organize and schedule the Mayor’s Neighborhood University to cultivate neighborhood leadership abilities and provide an in-depth informative overview of the City of Tampa’s governmental operations;
  • Inception of Environmental Enforcement Unit working in conjunction with Tampa Police Department to arrest violators of illegal dumping; and
  • Community Partnerships & Neighborhood Engagement continue to engage and work with existing association leaders in areas of creating effective by-laws.

Department Performance Measures


This administrator oversees the following departments:

Parks and Recreation

Arts and Cultural Affairs

Equal Business Opportunity

The following divisions are included in the adminstrator's budget:

  • Neighborhood Enhancement
  • Customer Experience
  • Community Partnerships
  • Neighborhood Engagement

Operating Budget Analysis

Revenues earned by this General Fund department do not fully fund the department’s operations. General revenues provide the remaining funding. Revenue increase from Revised FY2021 is primarily due to transfer of title search contract responsibilities and revenue from the City Attorney's Office and more efficient lien collections.

Personnel Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increases in salaries, pension contributions, healthcare costs, and the addition of two FTEs. Operating Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to contractual services related to title search contract and additional funding for demolitions, tools and equipment replacement. Capital Expenses decrease from Revised FY2021 is due a reduction in vehicle replacement offset by funding for a portable building.

Total Budget

Budgeted Position Counts