Internal Audit

Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

Internal Audit

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Department Name: Internal Audit



The Internal Audit Department’s vision is to be highly respected by its peers for high-quality assessments of City operations. The department’s mission is to provide an independent assessment function within the City and to assist members of the management team in the effective discharge of their duties.

The department is committed to the highest professional standards for conducting audits in government as promulgated by the Comptroller General of the United States and published in Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS). The department will continue to provide assurances that City government operates effectively, efficiently, provides outstanding customer service, and implements “best practices” in carrying out its operations and activities. The department will focus on the following goals and objectives: · Perform all audits in compliance with GAGAS;· Develop the annual audit agenda and individual audit objectives using risk-based analysis;· Complete at least 90% of audits on the annual audit agenda;· Perform audits within the assigned timeframes;· Perform a post audit review six to twelve months after the completion of each audit;· Provide auditors sufficient training to satisfy GAGAS continuing education requirements;· Exceed government auditing benchmarks, charging 80% of available time to audits.


The department has been successful in implementing its audit agenda and responding to special requests from the Mayor and City departments. Using a risk-based approach, audit objectives have been developed to identify ways to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and customer service. The department continues to manage an anonymous internal hotline for City employees to report situations where fraud, waste, or abuse may have occurred. The department also continues to strive to identify methods to work effectively with management and ensure the timely and effective capture of management views on recommendations. The department has also reviewed and updated its policy and procedures manual and implemented a formal annual review/update process. The department will continue to refine and update the City’s audit program in order to effectively deploy available audit resources to best benefit the City.


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Operating Budget Analysis

No revenues are earned by this General Fund department. General revenues provide all funding.

Personnel Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increases in salaries, pension contributions, and healthcare costs. Operating Expenses decrease from Revised FY2021 is due to decreased contractual audit costs.

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