Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

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The Tampa Police Department’s (TPD) vision is to be recognized as a diverse and progressive agency that works with the community to make the City of Tampa a safe place to live, work, and enjoy an outstanding quality of life. The mission of the department is to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life through a cooperative partnership with all citizens.


TPD is committed to protecting lives, property, and the constitutional rights of people residing, working, vacationing, and traversing the City by maintaining and promoting community order and respect for the law.

The current organizational structure consists of three patrol districts, a Criminal Investigations Division, a Support Services Division, a Special Operations Division, a Professional Standards Bureau to include a Quality Assurance Unit, a Legal Bureau, a Criminal Intelligence Bureau, and a Public Information Office.

TPD strives to achieve its goals by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Increase community engagement through a combination of personal and online interactions that promote effective police-community relationships;
  • Reduce Tampa's crime rate in accordance with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) standard; and
  • Improve officer performance through an enhanced training program.


In an effort to reduce violent crime, members of the Violent Crimes Bureau were de-centralized and deployed at the district level, allowing for more rapid and focused response to gun crimes in specific areas. Working out of the Public Information Office, the bilingual officer works to keep Spanish speakers involved in the department's mission to reduce crime by hosting and attending regular meetings with Hispanic community leaders, working directly with the Spanish media and reaching out to residents in predominately Hispanic neighborhoods. The most recent accomplishment was the launch of @PoliciaDeTampa, as a social media handle on multiple platforms to allow for a direct connection with our Spanish speaking residents.

An image depicting a mounted unit officer and community member during a specialty team demonstration.

An image depicting a member of the Tampa Police Department's Bike Unit escorting participants in the

An image depicting Tampa Police Officers participating during a school community event in March 2021.

An image depicting two Tampa Police Officers getting ready for

Department Performance Measures

The Police Department works to keep residents and visitors safe using an innovative crime reduction plan titled, “Focus on Five.” This progressive policing philosophy concentrates on five high-volume pattern crimes that are gateways to violence: burglary, robbery, auto burglary, auto theft and aggravated assault.

The "Focus on Five" plan evolves monthly, weekly and sometimes daily to stay ahead of crime trends and constantly build partnerships with the citizens in our city.

The Tampa Police Department tracks crime based on the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program which is the national standard for measuring crime. The Tampa Police Department has far exceeded state and national crime reduction averages for the 12th consecutive year by focusing on high-volume pattern crimes and building partnerships with all citizens to enhance the quality of life in Tampa’s neighborhoods.

The Police Department measures calls for service based on two categories: Proactive Police Calls and Dispatched Calls. Proactive Police Calls are initiated by officers who are working to solve cases, prevent future crimes and build positive relationships with the community. Dispatched calls are the number of 911 and non-emergency calls received from the public. Over the past 12 years, the officers have increased their pro-active activities 148%--one of the leading contributors to Tampa’s low crime rate.

The "Focus on Five" plan evolves monthly, weekly and sometimes daily to stay ahead of crime trends and constantly build partnerships with the citizens in our city.

Operating Budget Analysis

Revenues earned by this General Fund department do not fully fund the department's operations. General revenues provide the remaining funding.

Personnel Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increases in salaries, pension contributions, and healthcare costs.

Operating Budget

Capital Project Details

In FY2022, $0.4 million of utilities services taxes and debt proceeds are identified for the Tampa Police Department's capital improvement program. The program provides for the design of a new K-9 Operation facility and district building improvements.

The Capital Improvement Program Budget does not include cost allocation.

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Note: "To Date" Budget and Actual Balances on PDF pages are as of preparation of the budget and may not match the "To Date" balances on department pages.

Capital Improvement Program Budget

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