Facility Management

Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

Department Finance Information

Department Name: Logistics & Asset Management/Facility Management

DEPARTMENT WEBSITE: https://www.tampagov.net/logistics-and-asset-management


  • The vision of the Facility Management Division is to maintain City of Tampa facilities to the highest standard.
  • Facility Management will be the benchmark of efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence in service and safety.
  • Our mission is to provide quality maintenance and repair service for all City facilities through professional experience to support City facility occupants and the citizens they serve.


  • Maximize energy savings and improve lighting levels through continued installations of energy managementsystems and upgraded lighting in 500+ City facilities;
  • Complete 95% of the annual maintenance and repair work orders in a timely manner;
  • Focus on preventative maintenance of 2,680 pieces of mechanical equipment to increase equipment life cycles and reduce maintenance costs;
  • Increase partnership with City departments by providing quarterly reports to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Continue installation of anti-microbial furniture and hands-free door hardware, soap and paper towel dispensers, automatic faucets and flush valves in various municipal city facilities;
  • Reduce overall number of open work orders;


  • Provide maintenance, repair, and contractual services for office buildings and departmental facilities including Parks and Recreation, Tampa Fire Rescue, and Tampa Police Department;
  • Continue to implement energy saving measures such as lighting upgrades and energy management systems;
  • Improve and implement time management measures and procedural changes to reduce overtime;
  • Support City’s green initiative with the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Department Performance Measure

Facility Management

Facility Management has a full range of production services available. These services are provided to maintain, operate and repair the mechanical, electrical and architectural systems:



•Lighting Maintenance


•Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning



•Contract Services: Custodial Services, Window Cleaning, Pest Control, Life Safety Inspections/Services, Pressure Wash

Facility Management utilizes WebTMA - a web based, computerized work management application. This system provides a convenient means to request service or to report needed repair.

Emergency Work Orders by Month

This report represents the number of emergency work orders by month.

Emergency Work Orders Reponse Time

This report represents the response time for emergency work orders.

Work Orders Response in Days with Goal

Work orders with response time in days including 30 day goal

Operating Budget Analysis

No revenues are earned by this General Fund deparment. General revenues provide all funding.

Personnel Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increases in salaries, pension contributions, and healthcare costs. Operating Expenses increase from Revised FY2021 is due to increases in maintenance costs associated with maintaining City Facilities.

Operating Budget

An image depicting installing automatic doors in the Tampa Municipal Office Building.
An image depicting installing a new generator transfer switches at Forest Hills Elementary.

Capital Project Details

In FY2022, $111.2 million of debt proceeds, utilities services taxes, and recovered system revenues received as part of the American Rescue Plan Act are identified for the Facility Management Division. Most of this funding, $95.5 million, is allocated for the city's new Municipal Office Center being built on Hanna Ave and $6.5 million towards design plans for a new Public Safety Administration Building. This capital improvement budget also includes $5 million for the decentralization of the current fleet maintenance site and proposed move of the police impound lot along with various police offices to Howard Avenue. The remaining $4.2 million will be used by the department towards it's rehabilitation programs that address facility renovations/improvements, roof replacement, climate control/HVAC upgrades, and driveway and apron replacement at fire stations.

The Capital Improvement Program Budget does not include cost allocation.

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Note: "To Date" Budget and Actual Balances on PDF pages are as of preparation of the budget and may not match the "To Date" balances on department pages.

Capital Improvement Program Budget

Total Budget

Budgeted Position Counts

Facility Management Division in Action

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