Tampa Statistical Information

Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budget

The growth, success, and resilience of a city cannot be measured by any singular metric. The City of Tampa monitors its health and prosperity through a number of different variables provided by various businesses, governmental offices, and private enterprises in the region.

An image depicting City of Tampa 100 years ago.

The City at a Glance


Initial Incorporation - December 15, 1855

Second Incorporation - July 15, 1887

Adoption of Original Charter - December 15, 1855

Adoption of Present City Charter - October 1, 1975

Last Charter Amendment - March 5, 2019

Land Area

Square Miles of Land Area - 113


Form of Government:

Mayor – Council

Mayor is elected for a four-year term.

Council members are elected, one from each of four districts

and three at-large, for four-year terms.

Last Mayoral Election - April 23, 2019 (Runoff)

Next City Election - March 2023

Registered Voters - 230,193

Votes Cast - 53,400

Voter Turnout Percentage - 23.2%

The previous three mayoral elections took place on:

  • March 2011 - Mayor Buckhorn elected to his first term
  • March 2015 - Mayor Buckhorn elected to his second term
  • April 2019 - Mayor Castor elected (Currently in Office)




Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport is an international airport six miles west of Downtown. The airport is publicly owned by Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA).

The airport is served by over twenty major air carrier airlines, four regional airlines, and three air cargo carriers. The airport presently serves 93 non-stop destinations throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe.



Cargo and Freight

An image of the Port of Tampa from the air

Port Tampa Bay

Located east of downtown, Port Tampa Bay is Florida's largest port and handles over 30 million tons of cargo per year. Formerly known as "Port of Tampa" until 2014, Port Tampa Bay is overseen by the Tampa Port Authority.

Vessel Arrivals

General Cargo

Bulk Cargo

Local Education

The City of Tampa is the headquarters city of Hillsborough County Public Schools, as well as the campuses of several colleges and universities. Tampa is also home to a satellite center of Stetson Law School.

Local College and University

Hillsborough County Public Schools

Tampa Central Business District

Office Buildings


Office Space