Summary of Services

Airport Executive and Administration

• Manages and provides guidance and direction for all of the airport’s activities.

• Monitors and responds to federal, state, and local requirements.

• Manages community relations, governmental affairs, and strategic planning.

Airport Properties and Development

• Administers lease management, concessions, restaurant, and tenant relations.

• Responsible for business recruitment, marketing and research, and demographic reporting and analyses.

Finance and Administration

• Responsible for financial management, accounting, and budgeting.

• Grant administration, billing, and receiving.

• Manages airline rates and charges.

Facilities Management

• Responsible for building and airfield maintenance.

• Maintains the terminal, airfield, the control tower, fire station, hangars, runways, taxiways, aprons, parking facilities, and all airport acreage.

Operations, Security and Information Technology

• Monitors and directs airfield operations.

• Responsible for enforcing and overseeing airport rules and regulations and minimum standards.

• Ensures compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations.

• Manages services provided by fire and police units located at the airport.

Capital Programs and Environmental Compliance

• Responsible for managing the department’s construction and capital improvement plan.

• Prepares and identifies capital program costs, design review, and environmental management.

• Provides accountability to the City, FAA, and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).


• In FY24, Aviation will continue to provide outstanding services to the community at their current staffing level.


• Several capital projects are ongoing at the airport, including the International Passenger Processing Facility, Terminal Rehabilitation, Parking Facility improvements, and Taxiway Rehabilitation.

• The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill estimates the airport will receive roughly $16 million over the next five years.

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Short-Term Action Plan

The Aviation Department (Aviation) will continue to coordinate with federal, state, local and private industry partners to complete the Customs Facility. The Customs Facility is currently at 100% design status. Aviation will also work to facilitate continuous capital investment and development of available parcels at the Airport. Aviation will work to further expand commercial air service options and frequency at TLH. Aviation will also work to further increase existing cargo service. In November 2020, FedEx leased an additional 71,910 square feet of cargo ramp space at TLH to support its growing operations.


The Aviation Department's primary challenge in achieving all metrics is the lack of local investment and available capital funding to support critical infrastructure projects and maximize the leveraging of available federal and state grant opportunities. Passing the costs on to our airlines could impact existing relationships and affect our ability to recruit new airlines/air service.

Long-Range Plan

Aviation will continue to seek opportunities to develop available parcels at TLH, in the furtherance of its position as a powerful economic engine for regional growth and development. The construction of the Customs Facility will stimulate economic growth for the Northwest Florida Region by increasing international commerce and give rise to the development of a nine-county Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Once established, the FTZ is projected to create over 1,600 jobs in the nine FTZ counties over the next 7-10 years.