Promote the City’s Explore Program and Junior Cadet Program 

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Target: Promote the City’s Explore Program and Junior Cadet Program 

Current Performance: 24 participants over 2 years.

The City of Tallahassee’s Police Cadet Explorers Program is a 12-week academy for youth ages 14-21 who have an interest in law enforcement. The program is designed to provide participants with opportunities for hands-on learning and career exploration. The Cadets go on ride-alongs with patrol officers and receive scenario-based training in areas such as crime scene investigation, crisis intervention, first aid, traffic accidents, traffic stops, and more. The program is a great opportunity for youth to explore career paths in law enforcement and for TPD to identify a potential pool of future job candidates.

The Cadet Program accepts members year-round and conducts an official membership drive in late summer. The program is promoted through local media, social media, and the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. Information is also distributed through all Leon County High Schools, Tallahassee Community College, all branches of local public libraries, and several local businesses. The City seeks to maintain a membership of approximately 15 to 20 cadets per year. In 2022, the Police Cadet Program had 20 participants. To-date, roughly 29 former cadets have become law enforcement officers at various agencies throughout the country.

Tallahassee Police Department. Last Updated: August 2022.