Public Safety

Chief among our organization’s priorities is the City’s public safety. In recent years, the Commission has focused on proactive investment in long-term, systemic initiatives to address factors contributing to community violent crime.

Enhancing Public Safety through the 2019 - 2024 Strategic Plan

At the forefront of Tallahassee's public safety strategy are the impactful initiatives of TEMPO and TFLA. TEMPO has surpassed expectations, engaging over 2,600 disconnected youth with zero recidivism and showcasing a transformative effect on participants' lives. Simultaneously, TFLA has empowered nearly 1,100 youth with summer jobs and lifelong skills, directly reducing disconnected youth and fostering long-term resilience. The proposed FY24 budget reinforces the city's commitment, allocating an additional $7.8 million to sustain and expand the success of TEMPO and TFLA. With a total investment of $39.3 million since FY18, these initiatives represent a steadfast dedication to creating safer and more empowered communities through targeted and proven youth engagement strategies.

Percent Reduction in Disconnected Youth

Number of TFLA Participants That Have Moved On To Higher Education, Trade School, Certification Programs, or Military Over a Five-Year Period

Community-Oriented Policing Activities

Violent Crimes

Implementation of license plate reader (LPR) technology at strategic locations in the city to enhance traffic and public safety

Implement data-sharing with local law enforcement partners