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Energy Services

Summary of Services

Despite nationwide inflation and volatile fuel markets, the City’s utilities remain reliable and affordable. Monthly electric bills continue to beat the state average for both municipal and investor-owned utilities ($127.92 vs. $138.66 and $168.38, respectively). As a result, between April of 2022 and March of 2023, Tallahassee customers paid $91 million less for electricity than customers of other private utilities. Additionally, the Energy System and Consolidated Utility Systems have recently received Aa3 and AA+ bond ratings, respectively, signifying a low-cost burden and solid management practices. Finally, the City continues to be a leader in the implementation of a clean energy future. Development of the Clean Energy Plan is nearing completion and will guide the City to 100% net, clean renewable energy by 2050.

Electric Utility

The Electric Utility serves over 120,000 customers in a 221-square-mile service territory. It is the fourth-largest municipal electric utility in Florida and the 27th-largest of over 2,000 municipal systems in the United States. The utility comprises six major divisions: Financial and Administrative Services, Power Delivery, Energy Supply, System Operations, System Compliance, and System Integrated Planning. The Electric Utility develops a 10-year sales forecast annually to use in the annual budget process. This sales forecast is based on various inputs, such as heating and cooling days and economic and population growth, the weather being the most variable driver. As the year progresses, actual sales are used to guide the operational decisions of the utility.


•The department will continue to explore expanding its’ solar generation capacity.•The Electric Utility develops 10-year sales forecast annually to use in the annual budget process.


•The Electric Utility continues to invest in the current electric grid by enhancing funding in tree trimming and systemwide switch inspection and replacement.•There is also a focus on enhancing transmission reliability and import capability through additional bulk power system interconnections.•The department continues to look to the future to develop and implement the City’s Clean Energy Plan.•Continued funding of pilot EV charging stations program and installation of new stations at key locations throughout the City.

Natural Gas Utility

The City of Tallahassee's Natural Gas Utility has provided clean, safe, economical and reliable natural gas to residents and businesses in a growing service area since 1956. The utility safely provides natural gas energy through 965 miles of underground gas mains that serve over 34,000 customers in the Leon, Gadsden, and Wakulla County areas. The highly trained staff works to ensure the integrity and dependability of the distribution system, and to assist customers with energy conservation and cost savings through natural gas use.


•The Gas utility continues to receive a high grade from its customers in satisfaction surveys. The Commission passed a new gas-hit-line fine in FY23, with most of the revenue to be used for community education programs. Education and outreach will help prevent future line damage, reducing costs and incidents involving the Utility’s infrastructure.


•The department continues to look to the future to develop and implement the City’s Clean Energy Plan.•Further implementation of the Utility’s Methane Reduction Program.

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