Achieve Sterling Designation for Human Resources by 2022 

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Target: Achieve Sterling Designation for Human Resources by 2022.

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To ensure organizational operations are the most efficient they can be, the City looks to outside examiners to evaluate processes. The Florida Sterling Council is a group of examiner performance excellence professionals that ensure organizations maintain exceptionally high standards. The Sterling designation is a recognition of organizations that have efficient and effective processes in place. In preparation for the designation, staff are identifying areas of improvement to ensure the City can attract the best talent and serves the diverse workforce of 4,000 employees.  

To achieve this designation, staff must be familiar with the principles and methods of the Sterling model and become accustomed to utilizing the various process improvement tools in their daily work. The Florida Sterling Council offers programs that prepare an organization for the Sterling Designation, such as the Sterling Explorer and the Sterling Challenger. In 2018 the City participated in the Sterling Explorer and successfully incorporated process improvement recommendations identified through the program. The City then applied in October 2020 for the Sterling Challenger Management Assessment.

The Florida Sterling Council provided findings from the Challenger Management Assessment in May 2021. The assessment identified outstanding practices by City human resources staff, including:

  • visionary leadership,
  • commitment to employee and development, and
  • a focus on customer-driven excellence.

Opportunities for improvement included:

  • the need for systematic processes, and
  • the implementation of a formal approach to manage for innovation.

The City has identified cross-functional teams to address these areas of improvement to support and strengthen the long-term sustainability of the organization’s mission. Addressing the identified areas of improvement will advance the Human Resources and Workforce Development team and prepare it to compete for the Governor’s Sterling Award in the future.

Human Resources & Workforce Development. Last Updated: November 2021.