Increase public and private partnerships for citizen maintained and installed camera technology.

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Target: Increase public and private partnerships for citizen maintained and installed camera technology.

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The City works to enhance public safety in a variety of ways, including through the use of technology and partnerships. The City has effectively used various video and intelligence solutions to detect and deter criminal activity, such as the Public Safety Camera System and License Plate Recognition (LPR). Material from these systems is a source of evidence in investigating and prosecuting crimes. Now with the rise in popularity of security technology, residents and businesses can partner with law enforcement to help keep our community safe.

With this initiative, the City will begin forming direct partnerships with citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses who wish to share data from their own security technology with the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD). This partnership initiative is one component of TPD’s use of technology in ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. Security cameras provide reliable, hard evidence and information that can help move an investigation forward.

As of 2022, the City has begun the development phase of this initiative. Work completed to-date includes the creation of an overall program framework, equipment and installation specifications, and requirements related to the protection of residents’ privacy. TPD has also updated its infrastructure and video management system to enable the import of citizen-provided video and have begun identifying potential installation partners. Throughout this project phase, the City will continue to evaluate numerous current and emerging solutions aligned with this initiative.

Citizen maintained and installed camera technology is a proactive community-based solution that has proven to be effective in preventing and solving crimes. By working together, Tallahassee citizens can help protect and preserve the quality of life of our community.

Tallahassee Police Department. Last Updated: August 2022.