Human Resources and Workforce Development

Summary of Services

Human Resources and Workforce Development (HRWD) provides the following product and service offerings for the employees of the City of Tallahassee and their associated departments. HRWD is organized into a central environment with a Director and four functional units as follows:

1. Administration

2. Benefits and Safety

3. Employee & Labor Relations

4. Talent & Engagement

1. HRWD Administration

The Director's administration office establishes organization-wide human resources and workforce development strategies and contributes related analyses and recommendations to organizational strategic direction and thinking. In consultation with others, it sets human resource and workforce development objectives consistent with overall city goals and strategies to add value and deliver best-in-class services to the organization. The office provides overall management of and direction to human resources and workforce development operations and coordinates intradepartmental communications and administrative functions. It ensures an effective and efficient departmental structure and that the organization is adequately funded and staffed with employees who have the necessary skills, work experience, opportunities, and motivation to perform their jobs well and achieve established goals and objectives. The office is the liaison to and works in partnership with City Leadership and departmental management to set and achieve departmental strategic goals. The office supports City management by providing human resource advice, analysis of human resource information and issues, and options for action.

2. Benefits and Safety

The Benefits and Safety Division provides compliance, education, information, and workforce awareness. Programs include benefits orientation, benefits newsletter, in-house administration of leave benefits such as parental leave and FMLA, employee assistance program with TMH, the annual benefits fair, in-house occupational safety training, safety consultations, safety awareness memos, drug, and alcohol program, pre-employment screening, violence prevention, and criminal arrest support, and personnel policy and records management. To promote the service strategy further, initiatives such as "Rate My Service" and "Visit Your Customer" have been put into place to encourage a culture of accessibility.

3. Employee and Labor Relations

The Employee and Labor Relations Division's primary objective is to provide effective workforce programs and support within the organization. The need to invest in human capital and the importance of quality to the success of an organization is critical in this rapidly changing field. Establishing strategies for developing talent, rewards and recognition, workforce planning, career development, and employee health and wellness are all critical areas of focus to develop a comprehensive approach to managing talent across the life cycle of an employee. This division also manages relations between collective bargaining units and the City.

4. Talent and Engagement

The talent and engagement division's primary objective is to develop recruiting, hiring, and onboarding systems based on best practices. Talent Acquisition is responsible for establishing broad organizational recruitment objectives and, working with departments, developing a recruitment strategy to identify, attract, and onboard top talent to the City. Talent Acquisition assists departments in measuring and evaluating recruitment results to assess whether recruitment objectives have been achieved, learn from past efforts, and make modifications in future recruitment efforts.

The department is an internal service and is fully allocated to the operating funds.


Human Resources and Workforce Development has 30 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees. This represents no change from FY22.

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