Increase diversity and variety of City-sponsored events.

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Target: Increase diversity and variety of City-sponsored events.

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Beyond the more notable events such as the Winter Festival, MLK Parade, and the Senior Games, the City also spreads awareness about routine leisure activities and award-winning facilities such as Tom Brown Park’s disc golf course and the Senior Center. Beyond events, the City’s Communications team continued to diversify representation in all its outreach efforts. From social media and the website to brochures and the annual award-winning Year in Review, diversity of all types (age, ethnicity, religion, size, gender, etc.) is required to ensure the citizens we serve feel represented.

The City works closely with community organizations to leverage resources and promote opportunities for event support to new audiences. This approach will help draw new events and help increase the diversity and variety of options. The City considers a number of factors in driving diversity and variety of events, including the type of event (food festival v. athletic competition v. concert) and the culture represented by the event. Deliberate and representational planning helps ensure there are options for people with varying interests and abilities and that the options available reflect the makeup of the community.

Communications. Last Updated: June 2022.