Implement data-sharing with local law enforcement partners.

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Target: Implement data-sharing with local law enforcement partners.

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To further advance public safety, the City of Tallahassee has been working with local and state law enforcement partners to strengthen collaboration between agencies.

Most recently, the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) partnered with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and the Florida State University Police Department (FSU-PD) to create the Capital Region Real Time Crime Center (CR-RTCC). TPD has a longstanding partnership with LSCO and FSU-PD, and out of this existing partnership, the concept of a regional RTCC was formed. The mission of the CR-RTCC is to enhance communication, intelligence sharing, and coordination among state, county, and city law enforcement agencies within Leon County. This facility will integrate cutting-edge technology and equipment such as public safety cameras, license plate readers, and criminal intelligence databases to locate and relay critical information pertinent to live dispatched calls. The Center will be staffed with law enforcement analysts that will provide real-time data to assist officers in addressing criminal activity. The CR-RTCC will also include an innovative research component operated by the FSU College of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

The launch of the CR-RTCC will enable the City to leverage multiple law enforcement databases and technology to enhance public safety for citizens and law enforcement officers. This will be the first time that three of the largest law enforcement agencies within the 2nd Juridical Circuit have come together to share criminal intelligence of this magnitude. While information-sharing between the agencies has been ongoing for years, both the physical architecture of each agency’s systems and the various compliance mandates that govern their usage added complexity to information being readily accessible. Through the CR-RTCC, law enforcement staff from each agency will be able to work together in the same facility and share data more rapidly and effectively. This regional approach to the RTCC model will enable the co-location of personnel and the centralization of a broad range of criminal intelligence.

The CR-RTCC is near completion and will be ready for occupancy in 2023. The project has already been essential in achieving an unprecedented technology and data-sharing agreement amongst the Big Bend Region’s largest law enforcement agencies. Once fully implemented, the partnering law enforcement agencies will have access to more than 1,000 cameras throughout the county and city limits, including LPRS, PSCS, and traffic cameras. These collective resources will help to pinpoint and apprehend criminals more quickly.

Tallahassee Police Department. Last Updated: October 2022.