Diversity & Inclusion

Summary of Services

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) will ensure the further development and implementation of the City's diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to ensure the City's workforce reflects the community's demographics. This includes developing a strategic focus on recruiting, retaining, and promoting the best and most diverse talent available.

The Department of Diversity & Inclusion promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. D&I accomplishes this through:

• Partner with the City's departments to identify more opportunities for professional growth and development in the sphere of Diversity & Inclusion.

• Implement strategies to intentionally retain and attract the most qualified and diverse talent for internal and external positions.

• Incorporate analytics to provide organizational and community demographic analysis and reporting that informs the City's leadership of the staffing levels and construction relative to the community we serve.

The department is an internal service and is fully allocated to the operating funds.

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