Increase Economic multiplier effect of police headquarters on the community and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Target: Increase Economic multiplier effect of police headquarters on the community and surrounding neighborhoods.

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To create a safe, resilient, and inclusive space for the new police headquarters, the City began public outreach and research in 2018 to select a site that would best serve the community. After extensive community engagement Northwood Centre site was selected, a 27-acre parcel at 1940 N Monroe Street. The Northwood Centre site was originally developed in the late 1960s as a suburban shopping center and is zoned Activity Center. Presently, there are over 540,000 square feet of Office Park space in the development.

As of 2022, the City has completed the pre-design phase which included a full demolition of the Northwood Mall. Concurrent with the pre-design process, extensive community outreach continued to ensure MWSBE and disadvantaged worker goals would be met. Activities included but were not limited to meetings with the Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce, Office of Economic Vitality, TEMPO, Lively College, Leon County Sheriff's Office, CareerSource, Tallahassee Community College, Leon County Schools and the FAMU Small Business Development Center, as well as the development of a talent recruitment website.

In addition to being home to the new TPD headquarters, the site presents opportunities for green space, community amenities, and other economic development projects. As a part of the Master Planning efforts, community engagement is taking place to gather ideas on preliminary options for the remainder of the site. The goal is to identify mix-use development opportunities that could create jobs and serve as drivers of economic growth for the Tallahassee community.

A baseline economic impacts analysis was conducted by the City in 2020 to measure the economic multiplier effect of the police headquarters. Findings show that the construction of the police headquarters will generate a total of $152.4 million in one-time impacts, including 1,165 jobs and $56.6 million in labor income. Direct impacts of construction will result in almost $27.5 million in one-time income with an additional $29.1 million in income from indirect and induced jobs. Upon completion of this project, a second “Permanent Impacts” analysis will be conducted to determine the value-add of new mixed-use properties brought to market. This will include forecasting new local jobs, income, and taxes generated which will support City-wide programs and strengthen our Tallahassee community.

Office of Economic Vitality; Environmental Services & Facilities Management. Last Updated: December 2022.