Investing in Infrastructure

The City’s public infrastructure and transportation networks connect our community, goods, and services through a system of roadways, walkways, and public transit facilities.

Lane Miles Resurfaced

The City’s 650 miles of roads are in good condition, and the current level of maintenance is adequate to maintain the standard conditions.

Percent of Residents within a 10-minute Walk of a Park or Open Space

The network of sidewalks continues to grow in line with the City’s strategic priority to add 10 new sidewalk projects each year. Recent new additions include Highland Street and Hillsborough Street. Local neighborhoods are on track to be more walkable than ever through the combined results of the City, Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency, and Community Redevelopment Agency projects.

Southside Transit Center

The Southside Transit Center will be a step in ensuring Tallahassee has an efficient transit network supported by modern infrastructure and transit amenities that accommodate existing and future needs. The key goals of the project are to improve mobility and bridge gaps in accessibility by providing more direct transit services, reducing travel and wait times, integrating multiple transportation modes, and spurring economic development. In addition, the Southside Transit Center will provide needed infrastructure to achieve a 100% battery electric bus fleet, further reducing emissions and other environmental contaminants.

Southside Triangle Water and Sewer Infrastructure

The project entails designing and constructing approximately 19,000 linear feet sanitary sewers and associated water main improvements within unserved areas of the Southside Triangle. Once the project is completed, residents will have the ability to connect to the public system, which will result in the reduction of nitrogen to groundwater and subsequently to Wakulla Springs.