Fleet Management

Summary of Services

Fleet Management facilitates the acquisition, disposal, maintenance, repair, fuel consumption needs, and historical data collection for all the City’s vehicles and construction equipment except for StarMetro buses. The Fleet program has five divisions through which it accomplishes its mission: Administration, Service, Parts, Motor Pool, and Garage.

The Administration Division directly supports the Parts and Service Divisions to include routine operational and administrative functions. The Superintendent is proactive in participating in meetings with the City’s leadership groups and communicates departmental issues and activities. The division analyzes and addresses the funding of the vehicle replacement reserve fund to maintain the long-term viability of the City’s fleet.

The Service Division manages the City of Tallahassee’s diverse vehicular equipment assets. The Service Division emphasizes preventive maintenance on vehicles and equipment to lower the cost of labor and parts over the vehicles’ lifespans and improve service to departments. Tool availability is key for technicians’ management of vehicles and equipment.

The Parts Division is responsible for ordering and receiving parts for over 2,700 City vehicles and off-road equipment that Fleet technicians maintain. The inventory consists of a vendor consignment program. Critical components kept on hand for immediate use, slow-moving stock replaced with fast-moving parts, fewer vendor deliveries, and freed-up capital dollars are advantages of this program.

The Motor Pool Division tracks the costs associated with the rental of vehicles to various departments. Fleet maintains a pool of vehicles in two separate locations: the Fleet facility and City Hall (maintained at Fleet’s expense). The motor pool has been a beneficial resource for the customers. It provides reliable, safe, and clean vehicles while maximizing equipment utilization.

The Garage Unit Division manages the City of Tallahassee’s public transit equipment assets such as buses and paratransit vehicles. As an asset management provider, the division’s responsibility is to excel in customer service while maintaining and enhancing equipment repairs and services necessary to operate a public transit fleet. This division consistently emphasizes improving equipment availability and preventive maintenance, benefitting the customers and improving performance measures.

The Fleet Department has several strategic planning goals. Its primary goals are to maintain a Top 100 ranking by the Government Fleet Magazine & American Public Works Association, as well as to transition to 100% renewable-powered vehicles by 2035. Along with the transition of the fleet, the department is leading in partnership with the City's electric utility on installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure around Tallahassee.

The Fleet Department is an internal service and is fully allocated to the operating funds.


The Fleet Department has 84.00 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees and nine temporary employees. There are no significant changes expected. The Fleet Department will continue to provide outstanding services to the community at their current staffing level.

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